Work Overview

Rae Whiteley utilizes a variety of techniques and mediums in their work, showcasing an ability to be flexible while still maintaining their personal voice. Galleries of the work can be seen by clicking each image.



Whiteley is, first and foremost, an illustrator. Their careful consideration of content and execution opens a world of communication possibilities, well suited to both editorial or purely aesthetic work. They specialize in scientific communication and have experience in the field with scientists and veterinarians. Their solid grasp on natural biology results in advanced scientific concepts easily translated and understood via visual language.


Motion Graphics are in high demand in this growing technological world. These moving, looping images give a bit of flair and depth to what might otherwise be a static picture.


Whiteley has experience in multiple printmaking techniques, both traditional and contemporary. This includes relief, letterpress, silkscreen, and intaglio. They use printmaking to explore personal identity and style.